Little Grown Ups  {Childrens Portraits}

I love capturing the innocence of a child.  People say I am good with children. Most days I am completely humbled by them.  For me, children are some of the most challenging subjects and yet some of the most rewarding.  They often won't stay in one spot, frequently are able to outrun and outwit, and you never know how long you have with them until they simply implode and its all over.   Its all to be expected and honestly it is part of the fun and the personal challenge as a photographer.  I don't expect perfect behavior from a child and I always accept with a glad heart what ever a little one is willing to give me.  Children are only expected to be themselves which often results in the best images.   My approach to photographing children is very gentle, casual and often a bit silly.  I won't push a child do something they don't want to do and I always respect a childs need to become comfortable with a new person with a big  camera.  Hopefully, they will have made a new friend by the time its over! Whether it is your little angel, or your terrifying two year old, I would love to create some images of them that will fill you with pride.

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Session Fees

  • Option 1 - $79 covers the session fee and then order what you want A la Carte.
  • Option 2 - $499 credits entirely toward your order.   
  • Bonus!  - Spend $599 or more and receive a set of 4x6 prints of every image from your session.


Satisfaction is guaranteed. I'll happily reshoot or refund your money if you can't find any images you love (haven't had to do this yet...knock on wood!)  Session fees include up to 2 children.  Additional children may be added for $29 each. Most sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Internet proofing will be available for your convenience.  From these proofs, you can choose which favorites might go in a beautiful bound album or which which ones you would love  enlarged to a beautiful canvas for that empty spot on your wall. Small prints  8x10 and under are also available for your desk, gifts, etc.

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