Frequently asked questions and other helpful tidbits.


How Many Pictures will we get and how long will it take to get them?

Once I pick out the best images from all the images I captured on your wedding day, on average, I will deliver about 75-100 images per hour of coverage.  I always take out the redundant shots, the blinks, and any image that has technical flaws such as focus, exposure, etc. Once I pick out the best ones,  I will go through the images one by one and make any necessary custom adjustments so they will look their best.   The average wait time is 3-6 weeks after the wedding before your photos go online, and then another week or two to get your high resolution images on disk.  

How long have you been doing this?  How can we be certain you will do a great job with our pictures?

Even after 16 years and over 300 weddings, I love what I do. Photographing a wedding is a big responsibility. My reputation depends on your wedding being some of my best work. With every wedding, I strive to outdo myself.


What is your approach when photographing?

I prefer a more down to earth, unobtrusive approach.   I'm laid back, efficient and confident.   I give friendly direction and encouragement when needed.  What ever the case may be, I'll always ensure you feel confident in front of the camera that you are enjoying your photo session.


Why does it take at least 3 weeks to get our pictures?  Since they are digital, can you just download them and give them to us right away?

I wish it was that easy.   I photograph in a high quality format called RAW.  Most professionals photograph in this format.  You may have heard of it. With RAW images, each image taken must be processed and adjusted for color, contrast, white balance, black point, white point and several other boring technical parameters.  In short,  shooting in RAW allows me to custom adjust each image to get the most beautiful image possible. The trade off to shooting in RAW is that it takes time to custom adjust all of your images...but trust me, it is worth it.  Below is an example of an image straight out of the camera and one that has had custom adjustments made.  The difference is clear, wouldn't you agree?


Raw adjusted vs. straight out of the camera


Do you work with an assistant?

Sometimes.  It depends on the length of the wedding, the venue, how large your bridal party is and how spread out the location is for photos.  Generally, I prefer working alone as that is how I have always worked.   I do have several skilled assistants who I can call on if I think it would benefit your photography.


Do you travel?   What are your travel fees?

I love to travel!  I will be happy to travel anywhere within 100 miles of Chattanooga at no charge.   If you need me to shoot your wedding  and your halfway across the world, we can do that to!  I've photographed weddings on the opposite coast as well as clear across the Atlantic in both Sweden and Norway. Travel costs are unpredictable so I would need to provide you with a custom quote for travel over 100 miles from Chattanooga.  

Do you have backup cameras?

Absolutely!  I would not photograph your wedding without backup equipment!   I always carry a backup on me as well as additional gear that stays in my car...just in case!


What would happen if you got sick or even worse!?!

I have agreements with several other well qualified and trusted photographers who wouldn't hesitate to photograph your wedding for me if I were to become ill or worse.  Fortunately, I've never had to call anyone!

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